Fourteen extra sweet ways to love my baby on Valentine’s Day!!

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As I lie on the floor of the nursery (hey, this mamá is tired!) I look up and see a framed picture of Sweet Sage at one week old. I remember hanging that pesky ole thing before she was even born. Watching it swing back and forth on the nail head as I stepped back and forth.  Readjusting, catching my breath as my belly was beyond watermelon size, and then realigning with my eyeball measurements. Now, inside that frame is a picture of her at one week of life. I remember that day too-clearly. Propping her up against my pillow makeshift backdrop with the floral arrangements we got after her birth. She’s smiling in that picture. I lie here and I smile at that smile. Thinking, I will always remember that day.
Yesterday morning I was taking to my neighbor about the morning tantrums and she said “these days won’t last forever”, as she compared it to her now days with her 10 year old.  She told me that time flies by.  It always sounds cliche but it’s the honest truth, “they grow up so fast”.   I lie here thinking she was JUST one week young and now we are half way done with February in this third calendar year of her existence.
Time slow down please so I can give….
  1. Extra bedtime story to read.
  2. More rounds of singing her favorite nursery song.
  3. Additional “high-fives” when she solves a problem on her own.
  4. Longer hours in the day to sit and play without worrying about an undone chore.
  5. Extra minutes of chasing her around the playground.
  6. -ty seconds more to soak in those sweet besitos before leaving for work.
  7. Days of pure rest to disconnect from the world and focus solely on family time and to express my thankfulness.
  8. Fun attempts at Pinterest crafts, even if that means a messy house and questionable finished product.
  9. Silly dances, in the car, on the couch, at the library, at bath time, to the rhythm of our in synced heartbeats.
  10. Extra minutes to listen to her giggles as she explores with her own imagination.
  11. More cuddle sessions.
  12. Additional hours so I can savor every detail of those precious “first” moments.
  13. Daily practices of extra grace for the tough moments.
  14.  More “I Love You’s” and covered prayers for her health, protection, development, wisdom, joy, purity, peace,  humility, courage, resilience, gratefulness and self-love throughout each and every day.
There is only one Author of time and time slows down for no one. So while Sweet Sage is still small enough to cuddle in my lap and not shy away from my hugs and kisses I am going to do my best to intentionally shower extra love not just on this Valentine’s Day but on every day that follows. IMG_0678